True stories ...

 Pain To Promise TV Shows are reminders that lives can change and miracles still happen in the world. Our Pain To Promise workshop and support videos will share with you how to live each day beyond the day you receive your breakthrough and in on-going relationship with God.  


TV Shows That Inspire Hope, Truth and Healing Hearts

We are now featured on Christian Channels in different parts of the world. We thank God for our message reaching world partners.


I have shared my story and stories of those around the world from 700 Club to encourage you.  These testimonial videos are being shared to Glorify God’s work to remind everyone, hope still lives in the world and where there is hope there is strategies to overcome hardship and solutions. That hope lives in the relationship of the Holy Spirit. Most of all to know, God is still doing miracles today as he did years ago in the biblical days.” 

Putting On The Belt The Truth   Getting Agreement In Prayer

Stage 4 Cancer Healed – Not Giving Into Fear 

Sue Healed From MS – Reading The Bible

Disappeared Blockage – No Brain Damage

Doctor Baffled – Colon Cancer Disappeared 

Brain Tumor Dissolves by Power of Prayer

Spiraling And Into Healing


30 Years of Migraine – Healed


Abused, Thoughts of Suicide, HIV, Healed