“Welcome to Pain To Promise with Josie Brandon®

where breakthroughs happen AND miracles are still believed in.

 1 Day Workshop in Arizona that is 100% paid for by our healing healthcare community of private doctors and sponsors in Arizona and throughout the USA who value mind, body and spirit whole health integrated healing.  


Pain To Promise “1 Day Workshops” are Changing Lives For The Better!


No matter what your going through, this PAIN TO PROMISE WITH JOSIE BRANDON® workshop will take you step by step towards getting your breakthrough.

Releasing emotional and belief attachments that do not serve you.

Why is all this so important for your health and well-being? We will share science that shows how you feel emotionally affecting your health, as well as teach what God says about how we deal with pain in our life, past or present.

We will also help you understand how to keep your thoughts aligned with belief systems that line up with the love of God for long term well-being.  We will share with you how NLP and Time Line Therapy are great methods, but it’s one part of many parts. God wants us to know him and trust him.

Are you depressed, hurting, and looking for a breakthrough?


Have you been diagnosed with an illness that brings you fear or anger?


Do you feel like you have been spiraling in this cycle of things that are not what you want in life?

Did you know that negative emotions and beliefs stored in the body could be hurting your life and affecting your health? 

We have good news for you…

Pain To Promise Workshops offers immediate solutions to help you see things differently in an awakened way for a breakthrough.

God can help you get through anything if you allow him to support you.


Pain to Promise was created to expose facts and information that has been shown to radically change lives and has the power to completely heal people.  If you are feeling hopeless, rejected, lonely, confused, broken hearted or if you are ill with any disease, this workshop is designed to help you understand the true love of God, the power of mindset matched with scripture in the bible. 

This is a full day workshop, focused on the quiet space of feeling connected to God our divine and bring in the wisdom for breakthrough.  We will absolutely share the message of Jesus Christ at this workshop, however please know we are sharing it, it is up to you to decide. This is a faith based workshop and this is not about challenging the information, it is about understanding a perspective that may have not been shared before to achieve your breakthrough. 

Pain to Promise will reveal biblical patterns and messages in a simple way so even if you don’t know the bible or read it, you will get insights that will forever blow you away.  The goal is to give you enough information so that you can decide for yourself and so that you can achieve higher wisdom, lasting change, apply what you learn at the workshop into your daily life.

This workshop is 100% about releasing wounds, achieving wisdom that gives you power, understanding the love of God in a way that may have never been explained to you before.  It’s designed to give you deeper perspective and get you to finally focus on YOU and relationship with God to bring restoration to core issues that have kept you stuck or in fear, doubt and brokenness. 

You will get a breakthrough here. Because every time you learn one thing new that shifts perspective and awareness… we believe you have the full potential to open up one or more pathways to releasing the old beliefs that may have kept you stuck and in bondage.

You will learn things you did not know and think about things in a fresh way. Those new thoughts, understandings of patterns, will most often release old attachments and give you seeds to harvest with in renewal.  We will be teaching about the love of Jesus Christ also in a deep fresh way so please know this is a faith filled workshop. 

Why was this workshop started?

Pain to Promise was started when our founder discovered that we were nationally in a system of potentially manipulated cycles with solutions being denied. She believes people have a right to know the truth that could help them heal and recover.  She felt that what people don’t know, they don’t access, so she wanted to create a workshop where she could combine the message of her belief of Holy Spirit (Jesus Christ), and the message of natural therapies like NLP and Time Line Therapy. This awareness matched with giving people biblical tools with information that would empower the people, not only at the workshop but where they could use at home, at their job or in their business. In all aspects of life. Because the information shared, is about forever transformation awareness that is not short term, not one part change, not subconscious change, but rather knowing how God is the ultimate that transforms us now and forever and the way to achieve the ultimate truth and breakthrough in spiritual wholeness.

“A faith-filled full day workshop that has never been done like this before, until now. This is about breakthroughs for a lifetime.”

Come and get your breakthrough in Arizona.

Come alone or with someone.

Our events include lunch.


So you might ask….

What can Pain To Promise Workshops help you with?

Anything and Everything


Josie will share what she experienced in the natural and supernatural and why she believes in Jesus. She will share experiences she witnessed which compelled her to go deeper in her own search for healing and truth.  She will also share with you true stories of people miraculously healed from being blind, cancer, and other illnesses and witnessing visions.  She will reveal the truth with the relationship with emotions and the effect of health on body and spirit creating disease in the body.  She will also speak on spiritual warfare in the unseen world and why we need to desperately read and understand what God shared in scriptures.

The main focus of the workshop is designed to get you to see how all these things all apply to you and each one of us in the world. Because God gave us information to use, but few focus and apply it. You will learn how to do it easy and effortlessly, without having to be a biblical scholar.  And in use of the wisdom and information provided on a consistant basis you will see the wonders of God at work. 

“There are so many great stories of people finding their way back from depression, hardship, pain, illness and brokenness by understanding how God has never abandoned them. Let us prepare you to be a warrior for trusting God and releasing your wounds to him.  The path may not always be easy, but you will be consciously aware now of what you can do after this workshop.”

Single Life Challenges Pain To Promise Workshop with Josie Brandon
Childhood Memories Pain To Promise Workshop with Josie Brandon
Marriage Challenges Pain To Promise Workshop with Josie Brandon
Divorce Challenges Pain To Promise Workshop with Josie Brandon
Health Challenges Pain To Promise Workshop with Josie Brandon
Financial Challenges Pain To Promise Workshop with Josie Brandon
Grieving Pain To Promise Workshop With Josie Brandon
Addiction Pain To Promise Workshop with Josie Brandon
Abuse Pain To Promise Workshop with Josie Brandon
Business Launch Pain To Promise Workshop With Josie Brandon
Business Building Pain To Promise Workshop With Josie Brandon
Confidence Self EsteemAddiction Pain To Promise Workshop with Josie Brandon Pain To Promise Workshop with Josie Brandon

People attend from all over the world for all different reasons. You don’t have to share what your coming for with anyone. This is a private time workshop about you and for you.

“Sometimes all it takes is a perspective you’ve never been given before.”

“I went to therapists all my life. This was by far the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. I know people that should be here whose lives could be so blessed with what we attained here. Powerful, thoughtful and deep!”


“One seed of wisdom can change and release everything.”

“One seed into wisdom, can transform everything. We are blessed to share that through doing these workshops attendees have always received a breakthrough.